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Discotheque Vol. 6

twin tunes - why don´t you
Infos bei Discogs:
über unser Projekt: twin tunes

Label: Liquid Spa (rough trade)
ASIN: B00005AML5
Format: CD ( 2)
VÖ: 31.07.2000

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Disc 1
  • Why Don't You [Bar'n Beats Mix]
  • Love Is Dangerous [Frankman Remix]
  • Summertime [Wolkenlos Remix]
  • Rise [Terry Lee Brown Jr. Extended Vocal Mix]
  • Feel 4 U
  • Star Rider
  • Desire
  • Sole on Your Shoes
  • U Amor [Remix]
  • Give Me Your Love [Pascal Caubert Long Mix]
  • Last Days of Disco Sunshine Hotel
  • Let the Freak [Stella Brown Mix]
Disc 2
  • Intro
  • Rise [CZR Futuristic Funk Vocal Mix]
  • Superstar [Ten Bar's Vocal Intro]
  • Don't Bring Me Down [Bini and Martini Vocal Mix]
  • Just Me and You [Joey Negro Clubmix]
  • Theme from Talamanca/Superfunk [Supafunk Remix]
  • Stop Playing With My Mind [Full Intention Clubmix]
  • Is It Love [Fe Funk Remix]
  • Stay the Night [Clubmix]
  • Until the Moment [Wamdue Project Remix]
  • Sunshine House Mix
  • Uber Den Wolken
  • Sweat Song [New Mix]